Paris area demonstration kicks off

All Paris area demonstration partners gathered on 11 September in Brunoy to kick off their activities in EBSF_2. The core of the meeting, hosted by Transdev, was to set-up the technical architecture with the innovations to be implemented in the trial. The participants agreed on the work-plan, the responsibilities of each partner and the activities needed for the technical implementation of the demo. The discussion  was followed by a tour of the Transdev Strav depot where the maintenance tools, which will be further tested and developed, were shown. The Paris area demonstration is led by the knowledge provider DigiMobee, with the support of the bus manufacturer IVECO, the suppliers Digigroup, INEO, ACTIA, Metatronix and UITP representing ITxPT. Demo partners are committed to go beyond the work done within the EBSF project by:

  • demonstrating IT interoperability and sharing of maintenance data between telediagnostic systems in a multi-supplier environment;
  • validating on-board interoperability of telediagnostic systems and other IT systems (like AVMS system) using an IP network and standardized protocols based on EN13149 parts 7/9;
  • implementing backoffice interoperability using defined standard protocol for telediagnostic systems in order to integrate vehicle data collected from on-board systems

Together, these innovations will take a significant step forward in avoiding dependency to systems suppliers and vehicle manufacturers, exchanging open data between on-board IT systems, using a single back office system for heterogeneous vehicles fleets.

The demonstration consists of two fleets, each composed of 20 in-service urban buses operating in Brunoy and Nanterre: one fleet equipped with ACTIA onboard units and one fleet equipped with METATRONIX onboard units. The telediagnostic backoffice system will be delivered by DIGIMOBEE and DIGIGROUP INFORMATICA.

Monday, September 14, 2015