The EBSF_2 project presented at Viajeo PLUS City Showcase in Singapore

The EBSF_2 Project participated to the Viajeo PLUS City Showcase “Sharing Innovation in Transport between EU and Singapore” on 16-17 November 2015. The showcase was organized by UITP as an open platform for dialogue by gathering key actors of the transport community worldwide. City representatives, policy makers, industries, technology providers and researchers  were invited to share their latest technical achievements or policies on five main topics: automation in Public Transport, electro-mobility, intermodality, mobility management and ITS.

The EBSF_2 Project has been presented by Michele Tozzi to the worldwide audience as a good example of  European R&D activities to boost the introduction of electric buses in urban fleets. The presentation is available here. You can also read the article about the Viajeo PLUS City Showcase here.

For more information about the Viajeo PLUS Project, visit the website or contact Michele Tozzi:

Friday, December 4, 2015