EBSF_2 Final Conference

On 18 April 2018, UITP held the final conference to bring to a close the EBSF_2 Project – where leading public transport and industry stakeholders gathered to discuss the success of this pioneering project.

The event took place in conjunction with the Transport Research Arena 2018, co-organised by the European Commission, which turned Vienna into the capital of European transport research from 16 to 19 April.

The technological innovations tested within the twelve project’s demonstration sites were showcased alongside key speeches, presentations and panel roundtables. Those in attendance were given the opportunity to discuss the project findings with the demonstrations’ working teams as well as learning more about UITP’s leading role in research projects on bus systems.

EBSF_2 is co-funded by the European Union’s H2020 programme and coordinated by UITP. In line with its forerunners, EBSF (2008 – 2012) and 3iBS (2012 –2015), it was designed to develop a new generation of urban bus systems by means of new vehicle technologies and infrastructures in combination with operational best practices.

The presentations of the Final Conference are available here below:

Videos from EBSF_2 demonstrations sites are available here.  They cover 3D passenger simulation tool in San Sebastian, coupling and uncoupling of modular bus concept in Dresden, IT standard for buses in London, autonomous parking procedure in Paris City and predictive maintenance in Ravenna.

You can find out more about the innovations tested and their results in the Demonstration Sites brochure. The EBSF_2 project has also delivered a Design Charter for Innovative Electric Buses .

The final results of EBSF_2 will be published soon within the project deliverables and will be available on www.ebsf2.eu

Tuesday, April 24, 2018