EBSF_2 at European Bus Forum

On 2 June 2015 the EBSF_2 project was presented at the European Bus Forum. The one day conference was hosted by the University of Manchester and is produced by the urban transport publication, Eurotransport magazine. The European Bus Forum brought together an audience of 250 key decision makers from bus operators, manufacturers, local authorities and transport executives.

EBSF_2 was presented in two different sessions at the forum. Firstly during the keynote session by Deputy Director of the European Department and EU Projects Director, Umberto Guida. The project was presented together with the six key areas for innovation and twelve demonstration sites. EBSF_2 was also presented as the next step in a successful line of bus systems research projects that will improve urban mobility of people, air quality and CO2 emissions and lead to better quality of life. Successful results from EBSF that have now been turned into innovative products were also shown.

A second EBSF_2 presentation came from TfL Head of Technical Services Group, Simon Reed, who presented the recently started EBSF_2 demonstration in London and how future growth and economic pressures will drive the development of intelligent transport systems. EBSF_2 will also help inform London’s future iBus requirements.

More information about the 2015 European Bus Forum: www.europeanbusforum.com

In case of questions, please contact Yannick Bousse: yannick.bousse@uitp.org

Thursday, July 9, 2015