E-bus and urban infrastructure in Gothenburg: what are the opportunities for cities and passengers when noise and local emissions disappear?

The tenth EBSF_2 demonstration event took place in Gothenburg on Wednesday 24 January 2018. Chalmers University of Technology, Västtraffik and Volvo Bus shared their experiences and passengers’ perception on a fully electric bus line with redesigned bus stops (one indoor) and work on heating solutions for electric buses.

The results from the studies shows that the indoor bus stop is very well liked by the passengers who perceive it as clean, “comfy”, silent and safe. Still some improvement is needed on the interior design.  The project has therefore arranged a co-creation activity with design students, which has lead to a new interior design currently being implemented.

The buses themselves (fully electric by Volvo) are very well liked by passengers and drivers alike for its smooth and silent ride, and friendly atmosphere. Travellers with reduced mobility claimed that the new bus was “the best bus ever” with greatly improved accessibility as well as much improved possibilities to sit together with friends.

In terms of energy efficiency Volvo has successfully tested a new HVAC unit with an air-to-air heat pump, a unit that together with improved design and insulation has proven to reduce energy demands for heating by 60%.

EBSF_2 will continue its series of Local Demonstration Events on 30 March 2018 with Paris City, France. The demonstration on the subject of Intelligent Garage is testing autonomous parking procedures of a hybrid bus in an underground bus depot. To find out more about these innovations, save the date in your calendar now!

Presentations of Gothenburg showcases:

- The EBSF_2 Project by UITP

- Heating solutions for electric buses

- Indoor bus stops, experiences from EBSF_2

- Results from passengers’ perception survey

Wednesday, February 21, 2018