San Sebastian

The San Sebastian demo will evaluate four technological innovations about driver assistance, bus layout design, IT standards and intelligent maintenance.

Driver Assistance
DBUS is currently operating 25 buses equipped with DATIK’s driver assistant system, which provides assistance to drivers for economy driving and anti-bunching. This system will be evaluated to quantify its benefits for operations.

Besides, a new non-visual human machine interface (HMI) for DATIK’s driver assistant system will be analyzed in terms of efficiency and usability. 

Vehicle Design
The activity on bus layout design will analyze the bus layout of one electric bus for improving accessibility and flow of passengers with reduced mobility, including wheelchair users. This activity will demonstrate the effectiveness of a simulation-based strategy for designing new bus layouts as optimized interfaces between vehicle and bus stop, improving accessibility and dwell times. This demo will also explore accessibility improvements for retrofitting diesel and hybrid vehicles.

IT Standard Introduction in Existing Fleets
The innovation under study on intelligent maintenance will use the IT standard EN13149 parts7/8/9 for exchanging data between the maintenance device, the bus and the back-office. In the driver assistance demos, the IT standard EN13149 parts7/8/9 will be used to connect the new non-visual human machine interface with DATIK’s driver assistant system, which is currently implemented in 26 buses of DBUS network.

Intelligent Garage and Predictive Maintenance
The proposed innovation also targets the reduction of the time spent by the maintenance workers in paperwork activities. An additional goal is to enlarge, enrich and complete the information reported by the maintenance operator. 

Propulsion technology: ICE (maintenance and driver assistance innovations) and electric (vehicle design activity).
Number of buses: At least 20 12-meter MAN LION’S CITY buses in the maintenance activity, 26 18-meter and 12-meter buses in the driver assistance activity and one fully electric bus in the vehicle design activity. All fully operational.
Test site: The maintenance innovation - at DBUS depot and garage. The driver assistance system - urban.

San Sebastian Demonstration is led by CEIT with a support of DIGIMOBEE, DBUS, IRIZAR and UITP.