IT Standard Introduction in Existing Fleets
Currently bus maintenance tasks are managed using basic procedures (manual report from the operators).
The improvement of standard IT systems and innovative solutions can offer new tools to change the paradigm for the diagnostic and the maintenance of vehicle fleets. The Intelligent Garage Solution will be integrated with the IT EN13149 standard. It thus deals with the application of innovative solutions that are ready for the market and take into account the coexistence of current deployed solutions.

The maintenance processes will be optimised starting from the current scheduled / preventive and reaching the predictive maintenance that is based on the maintenance history, type of spare parts, type of vehicle, analysis of consumptions and data collected by the Automatic Vehicle Monitoring Systems. Optimisation of refill and collection of oil quality data will be based on 2 vehicles equipped with additional sensors. A garage budget tool will be implemented to support public transport operators to optimise the overall management of the garage costs.

Intelligent Garage and Predictive Maintenance
The predictive maintenance in charge of monitoring and thus extending oil life systems will be tested on 6 urban buses both qualitatively and under real operational conditions, comparing what would happen without this technological concept vs the results achieved by its application. It is expected to increase the sensitivity of the oil quality sensors so to have more accurate measures of the oil quality in the diesel and methane fuelled buses involved in the test. The software for the analysis of maintenance budget, on the other hand, will be tested across the whole Romagna region, thus involving more than 700 vehicles in different municipalities.

Propulsion technology: ICE (methane and diesel fueled buses)
Number of buses: 6 operational buses for the Predictive maintenance; 723 operational vehicles for the Analysis of maintenance budget software
Test site: urban and suburban lines  

The Ravenna Demonstration is led by Pluservice with a support of DIGIMOBEE, Mel Systems, STARTROMAGNA, UNIROMA1 and UITP.