Paris Area

The objective of Paris Area demonstration is to:

 - demonstrate IT interoperability and sharing of maintenance data between telediagnostic systems in a multi-supplier environment,

 - validate on-board interoperability of telediagnostic systems and other IT systems like MADT (Multi Application Driver Terminal) using an IP network and the standardised protocols based on EN13149 parts 7/9,

 - implement backoffice interoperability using defined standard protocol for telediagnostic systems in order to integrate vehicle data collected from on-board systems.

IT Standard Introduction in Existing Fleets
Interoperability should not only apply to new buses, but must also be adapted for retrofitting of buses already in operation. The demonstration will show how the back-office and on-board systems can interoperate even on existing vehicles, using heterogeneous and ageing systems, as far as they comply with defined requirements.

Intelligent Garage and Predictive Maintenance
Intelligent garage is based on telediagnostics ability to report real-time alerts to the public transport operator and enable improved workshop management in a multi supplier environment. Based on this telediagnostic system, specific strategies for predictive diagnostics of "maintenance critical" vehicle components can be specified.

Propulsion technology: Internal Combustion Engine and hybrid
Number of buses: 40 operational buses
Test site: urban

The Paris Area Demonstration is led by DIGIMOBEE with a support of ACTIA, Digigroup Informatica, INEO, IVECO and UITP.