There are two demonstrations take place in Paris. The first is dealing with the automation of buses and the second with creating a new design process for bus terminals, seen as urban assets and not only as transport hubs.

Intelligent Garage and Predictive Maintenance
The Intelligent Garage project in Paris is about automating the bus parking in a bus depot. The main goals of the project are to reduce the time spent in parking the bus and the optimization of the maintenance operations.


Urban Infrastructure
The Bus Terminal project is not about designing a new bus terminal, but about experimenting new collaborative working processes and tools to obtain enhanced bus terminals, considered as urban shared assets (at the same time transport hubs and urban places with services for the citizens and good integration in the cityscapes). It aims at reducing the multiple validation steps and generating collective decisions for a bus terminal project.

A major tool to feed the discussions and the decision-making process will be an architectural simulator (to be designed and tested during the project), which will help in real time all the stakeholders during the co-design meetings, in order to make the bus terminal project understandable and therefore the decision reliable and stable.

Propulsion technology: hybrid
Number of buses: 1 real bus and 1 simulated bus
Test site: bus depot in urban area

The Paris Demonstration is led by RATP with a support of ACTIA, CEA and IVECO.