Energy Strategy and Auxiliaries
The first step of the project is to have a status point with current auxiliaries on diesel bus. Then, the target is to test 2 new auxiliaries (i.e. smart alternators) on the same bus to check the fuel consumption reduction.

Driver Assistance
The Consortium has developed a new approach to eco-driving, based on the use of a mathematical model which calculates in real-time a dynamic fuel consumption target taking into account the vehicle operating conditions and assess a fuel economy performance index. The system has been installed since 2012 on new buses of the Sytral fleet operated by Keolis.
The aim is to improve:

  • Modelling of auxiliaries energy consumption,
  • HMI to provide real-time information to the driver,
  • Parameters for optimal performance,
  • Adaptation on hybrid buses.

ZEV mode extension for hybrid bus
The aim is to upgrade hardware and software on a demo hybrid to be able to run up to 2 kilometers in ZEV (full electric mode). Demonstration will be performed in tunnel de la Croix Rousse. All these actions will be done in respect with ITxPT recommendations.

Demo Lyon will be performed on Ivecobus Urbanway city buses in urban conditions.

Propulsion technology: Energy management and driver assistance will be focused mainly on ICE diesel Euro 6 vehicles, with an investigation on Hybrid Euro 6 buses. ZEV mode extension will be applied on Hybrid Euro 6 bus.
Number of buses: One hybrid bus will be dedicated for ZEV mode extension and driver assistance tests when 40 diesel buses will be tested during a long period of time for driver assistance.
Test site: All the tests will be performed in Lyon on TCL network (Keolis Lyon as operator and SYTRAL as Public Transit Authority. SYTRAL is the 2nd PTA in France that operates different networks in Lyon Metropole’s area.).

The Lyon Demonstration is led by IVECO with a support of Digigroup Informatica, DIGIMOBEE, Keolis, SYTRAL and UITP.