Demonstration sites

The EBSF_2 technological innovations will be tested in 12 European cities: Barcelona, Dresden, Gothenburg, Helsinki, London, Lyon, Paris City and Paris area (Brunoy and Nanterre), Madrid, Ravenna, San Sebastian, and Stuttgart.
The selection of the demo sites followed a three-step approach:

  1. screening of European bus stakeholders able to provide an added value in testing technological innovations in the EBSF_2 research areas;
  2. reduction of the initial set of candidates considering demo sites which allow covering all of main European climate areas (Continental, Mediterranean, Scandinavian), different environmental contexts (high/low population density, urban/suburban areas), transit networks and type of bus line. As a matter of fact, for several research areas (e.g. energy strategies, driver assistance or infrastructural interfaces) the physical environment where the buses run is a variable of utmost importance for the validation of the results and eventually their transferability in comparable contexts;
  3. prioritization of sites where the technical innovations will be tested in real operation.

Each city is committed to test a subset of innovations and several vehicles will be equipped with these solutions and run in operation for a period of between six months and one year. Overall, the 12 demonstrations deal with most current propulsion technologies (internal combustion, hybrid, electric) and address very different bus services (from Bus Rapid Transit to local lines) by involving in the tests more than 500 vehicles (operative buses or prototypes).